About Christian Connection

Christian Connection is a multi award-winning dating site, dedicated to matching single Christians in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, United States, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

It's free to join and there is no cost for a basic profile membership. Take a look at our membership types.

Since we launched in 2000, thousands have found friendship, marriage and community through Christian Connection. Read our success stories.

The site is owned and run by a small team of Christians from the UK. The company was founded on a set of core values and we seek to serve Christians from all traditions.

It all started with a little faith...

Christian Connection was the vision of Jackie Elton. She realised that there are very few opportunities outside local church to meet other single Christians.

“I developed the vision of starting a Christian dating site of the highest quality, which people of all Christian traditions would feel comfortable and safe with and which would give them a real chance to find somebody special. I also wanted it to be a place of community, which single Christians could call their own, people who can feel rather marginalised in Church communities. Much about the site has changed and developed over time but it is still this vision that drives us.” Jackie Elton, Founder

Who We Are

Christian Connection is run by a small and dedicated team based in London, UK. The leadership team includes:

Jackie Elton who founded Christian Connection in 2000. She oversees the vision and strategy. Jackie has a strong interest in supporting single Christians in the Church and working for better standards in the dating industry.

Erica Turner is responsible for business operations and strategy, in particular, the development of new markets. She also is involved in both offline and online marketing campaigns.

Sam Oliver oversees the programming team, product design and online marketing.

Joff Williams leads the customer service team, curates the blog and is involved in partnerships, marketing and business direction.

In addition, we have a fantastic team working in customer service, technical development and event management.

Our Values

We understand that by running a Christian dating site, we have a responsibility to uphold certain codes of conduct and we are proud to be industry leaders in this area.

Trust & Safety

We realise that people choose to join Christian Connection because they want to meet other genuine single Christians in a safe and supportive environment.

As a founding member of the Online Dating Association, we are committed to the highest level of safety and security on our platform and at our events.

Read more about safety on Christian Connection.

Quality & Value

When we launched the site in 2000, one of our founding principles was to create a service that rivalled any of the mainstream sites and about 20 years later, we're proud to have won several awards. However, the biggest accolade comes from the thousands of stories and testimonials sent in by members.

Open to all Christian Traditions

We recognise that we belong to a very broad church and we welcome Christians from a range of faith traditions and church backgrounds. We don’t ask people to sign a statement of faith, but instead, we believe it is important to show respect to one another's beliefs and values. Our members generally come under the Trinitarian Christian definition - which is covered in more detail here.


Community is at the heart of what it means to be a Christian and we see Christian Connection as a small corner of the Internet which Christians can call their own.

We have very active and lively discussion boards and a system which allows members to organise local meetups. We also offer offline events to give people a chance to meet face to face in a comfortable environment. Find out more about our events for single Christians.

Working for Single Christians

In 2012 we conducted the largest ever survey of single Christians in the UK. The overwhelming message was that many single people struggle to feel part of their local church.

After listening to the experiences of over 3000 single Christians, we launched SingleChristians.co.uk which aims to encourage churches to become more single-friendly, inspire single Christians and reach out to single people in the community.

Need more info?

If you have any other questions which aren't covered here, take a look at our help & support section, or if you have media, press or business enquiries, please contact us here.

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