Lord’s Prayer cinema ban Is ‘CENSORSHIP by any other name’ (PRESS RELEASE)

DOES religious advertising really offend people? Not if Christian Connection’s campaign on the London Underground is anything to go by.

The leading Christian dating site splashed a series of challenging adverts on the Tube – with slogans like ‘Christians Make Better Lovers’ and ‘Another Dating Site – thank God’.

“We thought there may be a storm of complaints to the ASA”, said Christian Connection founder Jackie Elton. “There were 14 in all. None were upheld. Four million people use the Underground daily, so the negative response was negligible. The majority were from people who disliked any form of religion. None were from Muslims or other faith groups.

Most people were either interested or amused by our adverts. Or they just ignored them. Thankfully, people are generally tolerant and accepting. I think we should judge offence on a case-by-case basis. Blanket bans, like the one imposed by cinemas on the Church of England for their Lord’s Prayer campaign, are censorship by any other name and unfair both to people of faith and the vast majority of the population.”

See the Christian Connection Ads here.

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