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We’re always happy to hear from new bloggers who write interesting, engaging and insightful content, perhaps from a new angle or little-known perspective. By contributing an article to our blog, your wisdom, intelligence and faith will inform, inspire and entertain our readers.

Our readership are single committed Christians, most of whom are looking for a serious relationship with someone who share their faith and values. The blog reaches members in the UK, Australia, America, Canada, Singapore and Hong-Kong, so keep this in mind when penning your piece.

Christian Connection is primarily an online dating service, but we also want to create a supportive and inclusive community for single Christians – whether never married, separated or divorced, churchgoers or otherwise.

Some pointers for writing an article for Christian Connection:

1. Open with a punch. Use the headline and opening sentence to draw the reader in.
2. Be clear. The article should have one clear theme and central message.
3. Be authentic. Share your honest opinion and personal experience.
4. Be concise. Never use big words where a diminutive one will suffice.
5. Use a clear structure. Listed items can also work well (e.g. “3 tips for dating”).
6. Be original. Read previous articles to check your topic hasn’t already been covered.
7. Avoid writing an advertorial or promotional piece. Our readers can spot this a mile away!
8. End on a positive note or call to action, perhaps ask a question to invite discussion.
9. Aim for 500 to 600 words in length.
10. Once your blog has been published, stick around to engage with the discussion.

If you have an idea for an article you think would be of interest to our readers, please get in touch:

Please contact us first before submitting an article. All new authors must read and agree to our editorial policy, before we can publish any articles.
Download a PDF of our editorial policy.

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