Jordan  & Josh

Jordan & Josh

November 2021

Around November 2019 I joined CC. I was talking regularly with my mum about how it was going and she encouraged me to wave and chat with several people even just to make some more Christian friends. On December 17th I waved at a guy from Queensland, I had actually been avoiding anyone from Queensland originally as I lived in NSW and didn’t like the thought of moving to QLD. A few days later we began chatting and hit it off immediately. Within 2 weeks we had both deleted our CC profiles and were chatting on other platforms. We talked every day and in January 2020 we had our first date I drove the 3 hours south to Sydney and Josh flew to Sydney airport. We went to the zoo and got milkshakes. I tripped and almost spilled it all over him a move I was sure was going to destroy any chance of dating. He assured me he was still interested and we made plans to visit each other’s home after March as we were both busy until then.

2 weeks before our first visit borders between us slammed shut. Over the next 4 months we talked every day on the phone and messages waiting till we’d finally see each other again. The borders opened again in July allowing Josh to make the 7 hour drive come visit me and meet my family it was an amazing time and my whole family loved him. We then arranged for another visit for me to meet his family but not long after Josh went home the borders slammed shut again. We were certain this distance was going to end us but God remained faithful and our love only grew. The borders were then reopened the day before my birthday so Josh visited again and then I made the trip up for Christmas to meet his family. We had by this time decided we should move closer and prayed together and God provided me with an apartment and incredible job only 20 minutes from Josh. I moved one year exactly after our first date and we have had so many many adventures since then including obstacle course races, escape rooms, broken knees and scuba diving and found a church together to call home.

In November 2021 Josh took me up in a hot air balloon and asked me to marry him. I of course said yes and we look forward to planning a wedding when borders reopen so all our family can join in.

God has been so faithful to us through this relationship

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