Andrew & Jill (and the 7 children!)

Andrew & Jill (and the 7 children!)

Andrew and I started corresponding through your site in October. We hit it off straight away and our emails progressed to phone calls and after 6 weeks we decided to meet.

This first meeting took place at Manchester airport. Due to the fact that I was from Northern Ireland and Andrew is from Bolton, we asked our Pastors to contact each other first of all just to make sure all was ok. We got on brilliantly and took it in turn to fly to see each other every fortnight.

We have 7 children between us (yes, you did read that correctly) and we introduced them to each other slowly. Andrew proposed when we were in the Lake District and we were married in Northern Ireland. A huge contingent of Andrew's english friends from Church and family made it over for the wedding and a brilliant day was had by all. My children and I moved to England and we are now one BIG, happy family.

The brilliant thing about Christian Connection is that Andrew and I were able to court each other by email from the comfort of our own homes whilst our children were snug in their beds - no babysitters required!

We believe that God brought us together and we want to thank you for being His willing instrument and for making us and many others very happy. Thank you also for your lovely wedding card and good wishes.

God Bless

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