Darryl & Sue

Darryl & Sue

January 2022

I wanted to tell you my journey and how wonderful God is and how blessed I am that I signed up with Christian Connection back in December 2020.

I was actually pretty against online dating as I am from the old school and had been with my husband for 25 years having met in church. When he left me at 49 years of age and then divorced after that I was left feeling, ‘God, where to now?’ I knew I didn’t want to be alone and I never wanted the divorce either, however that’s the way life happens sadly sometimes.

One of my daughters and a few good friends knew the heartbreak of what had gone on in the last 7 years of my marriage and they encouraged me to join CC.

I told God that I had one month only to meet that special person as I was embarking on a new course of study, something I had never done, and I knew that I wouldn’t have time for looking for any future husband. I prayed each day, ’God open the door for that man You have for me and close the door on all the others.’

I sent quite a few likes to men that seemed kind and who loved God and I also went on about 5 or 6 dates and made some great friends with these men.

On the 1st January I sent a like to a guy in Melbourne, Darryl, and I said something along the lines of, ‘ Hi Darryl , I know you are in Melbourne and I am in Sydney but I just wanted to say that I love the things that you have written about yourself and your passion for God and I am happy to chat to you even if we just have a good friendship.’

I had honestly only ever anticipated that Darryl would remain a friend as we lived too far apart, however God had other plans. I found myself talking to him more and more, just as a friend and shared everything about my life with him. I felt so comfortable talking to him about my past, my daily life and all that I hoped for in God for the future.

Darryl became my very best friend and has been the most incredibly supportive and encouraging person that I have ever known. He helped me through a very difficult online course through FaceTime and spent hours and hours chatting to me every day and night in between our jobs.

We spent 24 weeks apart as a result of lockdown and the one weekend where it lifted , Darryl drove all the way to Sydney overnight to surprise me. He rocked up at my gym, standing on the next treadmill, when I had no idea until he reached over to my treadmill to the speed adjustment and sped it up 😀

Darryl is a man of integrity and character and loves not only me but shows love and compassion to all he meets. God has answered every prayer of mine in Darryl as he has all of the characteristics I was searching for in a future husband. If I had’ve tried searching the world over for a guy that fitted those attributes: kind, loyal, committed to God and to marriage, a great sense of humour, generous, loving, plus physical attraction I could never have found him.

Darryl was sent from God to me and I am so blessed.

God answered every prayer of mine as Darryl loves me for who I am and as we are both passionate about God, I know that we will be a great team to serve Him together.

I am the most blessed girl in the world.

Thank you hugely Christian Connection for providing the platform for us to meet.

We have just been married in Merimbula at midnight with the fireworks going off as we were pronounced husband and wife, exactly one year after I sent the first like to Darryl and he responded. I am so excited to be with the man God has for me and despite lockdown making it impossible for us to see each other much at all during the year, we have built the best friendship ,which will be a solid foundation for our marriage.

God is so so faithful and I want to encourage others to step out and be bold by giving themselves at least the opportunity to meet their soulmate too.

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