Roberto & Vanessa

Roberto & Vanessa

February 2022

Our wholesome success story 😃

If I'm honest, my expectations of finding a real, authentic connection online were low so I only logged into my CC account sparingly. I knew that my goalposts were already very narrow as I was only interested in looking for a Catholic man and as searches get, this is already fairly niche! Past experiences had taught me that having a partner who understood and shared my Catholic faith was of paramount importance.

One afternoon, I was alone and I found myself pondering over some of the bigger questions in life. What is the purpose of my life? Why did God create me? What hope is there for me? A few minutes later, I found myself logging into my CC account and seeing if any new profiles caught my eye...

There was one user that grabbed my attention. He had a cute, cheeky smile and described himself as 'Catholic'. His name was Roberto and he lived in London. He had last been active a few days ago. As a 'free' member myself, I sent Roberto a friendly 'wave' and genuinely never expected to hear anything back. Also, the distance between us (as I'm based in West Yorkshire) played on my mind. A few days passed and I heard nothing.

A few days later, out of the blue, Roberto waved back at me. He realised that I was not a 'Premium' member (unlike him) so he sent me a polite message with his mobile number. The rest is history!

We have been in close contact via WhatsApp ever since. Together, we have visited London, Leeds, Halifax, Manchester and Bournemouth and he even made the decision to relocate to Manchester in order to be closer to me! We have happily been dating for 6 months now and we feel very blessed and grateful to have 'found' each other.

When I think about our relationship, I feel peaceful and content. We pray that we have a long and happy future together with many blessings. Without your service, it's highly unlikely that we would have met! Thank you once again for bringing us together :)

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