Dan & Susan

Dan & Susan

February 2022

Dan and I became friends (using Christian Connection) in September 2020. We saw each other once a week to start with, enjoying each other’s company. We had so much in common. Laughed a great deal and shared so much.

I had been married for 39 years and looked after my husband for 10 years at home until he passed away 2019. Dan was a bachelor and had never married.
We both were looking for something special.
The beginning of September 2021 we both realised our friendship had grown deeper. We both believe Gods hand was upon our relationship and has guided us to where we are today.

Our love grows stronger day by day. We know we are meant to be.
We look forward to our future together.

I feel that being friends to start with is important. Look inside the person and not on outward appearances.

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