Okoye & Omonlegho

I started on Christian Connection about two years ago, I prayed about my desire to meet man who loves God, would treasure me, his family would be mine and mine would be his, a friend for life, and most importantly who would continue with me in the path of Righteousness.
Okoye waved and we got chatting and found out that even though we were miles apart in the things we liked, we have the same passion for Christ. We attended the same ministry. Amazingly we had both worshipped at the same local assembly when I used to live in London but we never knew each other until after I moved out of London following a devastating relationship and joined Christian Connection.
We spent a year getting to know each other, going out for dinners when we were able to, and would spend hours on the phone; almost like the conversation should never end. He made me realise that we ought to always acknowledge God in everything & ended each day with a word of prayer. It became important to us to find out how we were both doing during the day.
He arranged for me to meet his family, while on my part I was a little more cautious as I was very protective especially as I have a toddler at home so it took longer: nearly 8 months after our first chat. When he felt ready, he proposed to me after speaking to my pastor, my mum and my uncle.
We got married in a beautiful hall in Aylesbury.
We are both happy and grateful to Christian Connection for being the channel for us to meet.
Always remember that God perfects all that concerns you - Psalms 138 v 8

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