John & Samantha

John & Samantha

January 2018

Both of us were devoted to Christ and wanted to share our life with someone who felt the same. As it is written to not be unequally yoked with the unbeliever, we decided to try Christian Connection. I had tried other sites but did not feel right, Samantha had been on Christian Connection and was thinking about leaving the site, then I waved and Samantha waved back. We messaged each other and swapped numbers, our first phone call lasted 2 hours and it was all about the 3 of us, me, Samantha and Christ.

This was 02/10/2015 after a week or so of calls we met in Costa coffee, it was very noisy so we took ourselves to a local church garden and had a coffee, a chat and Samantha shared a poem she wrote about Christ. To say I was attracted to Samantha was a huge understatement, I felt comfortable I could share my love for how Jesus had saved me from my past life and I am sure Samantha felt the same. With non believers you always have that block, but when you both have Christ, his truth sets you free.

We then decided to meet each other, the physical attraction was in place, the mental and spiritual elements were growing with a peaceful patience only found in Jesus. I then proposed in February 2016 in front of the church we were both worshipping at after the Sunday communion, Samantha said yes :)

We then stayed true to the word, prayed in good times and tough times, we kept ourselves away from the marriage bed and grew in appreciation for one another. The date was set for the 09/09/2017 we were wed and after I kissed the bride, it thundered which was a true blessing. We have now been married a few months and wanted to encourage brothers and sisters in Christ to have faith and follow him. We have ups and downs, but the prince of peace is always there to guide us and give us the wisdom we need. It was a few months before the wedding and I had prayed for a rainbow on our wedding day, I told no-one of this until the morning of the wedding when I finally told my best man ( the man who baptized me ) that I had prayed for a rainbow. There was no rainbow, then around 6pm after the wedding breakfast, two brothers in Christ asked me to come outside with them. In the evening sky there was a rainbow, a promise from God to man that he would never forsake the world. Me and Samantha write this with great hope that it builds you up, for we walk by faith and not by sight. The rainbow maybe used by other groups of people more and more, but ultimately it comes from the good Lord as all good things do. In love and fellowship Mr and Mrs Cruickshank.

Number one tip..... Pray together and follow the teaching of Jesus, never go sleep on a disagreement and trust in the redeemer.


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