Mary & Dewi

Mary & Dewi

Just half an hour after I paid for my subscription, I received an intriguing e-mail from Dewi. After some correspondence, we met face to face.

During a short break in North Wales, Dewi proposed. He bought my engagement ring in Poland where we had gone to drive steam trains (ah, the romance of greasy overalls and eau de coal dust...!)

After a whirlwind summer, we got married in November at my home church in Wolverhampton, with over 200 relatives and friends sharing our special day (we made a 7-layer cake - enough to last us until our first anniversary!)

We are now happily settled in our new home in Peterborough and have discovered two other couples who also met through CC. After each having spent 13 years on our own, we are discovering the joys of sharing the common and uncommon things of life.

Thank you to our Heavenly Father for giving us another chance and to CC for bringing us together!

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