Nick & Lorraine

Our time on the site was great - we both signed up for a long membership because we didn't think that it would be easy to find someone compatible. Lorraine contacted me virtually as soon as we joined, and we started a regular chat about our shared interests. This developed a bit towards Christmas, and after plucking up courage, we arranged our first phone call for the beginning of January. We met and spent a very full and enjoyable day in Cambridge. I had an inkling that it would lead to something much more - something undefinable said so while we sat on the bus.

And it did. We met regularly after that - even though we lived fifty miles apart, and exactly a year after she sent me a message, I asked Lorraine to marry me.

But the icing on the cake was in May this year when we got married. The picture shows us trying to look serious after such a solemn occasion (not! - we had a really great day). And now we're settling down together and thinking about our future. We've each acquired two new children, and have a grandchild on the way. Christian Connection has worked a wonder in our lives!

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