Katariina & Garry

Katariina & Garry

God really did work through Christian Connection. I would like to give a testimony about how he worked for us. I married my husband on the 4th August this year and met him in November last year. A short while before this and during this time I was being shaken by God. I decided to join Christian Connection which I thought was the last thing I should be doing but bizarrely I did. I had found it difficult to pray for a husband but at this low point I started to cry out to God for my husband. I had never been able to before and I wept deeply about it.

I had been on a trek to Everest Base Camp in the Himalayas earlier in the year Feb to March and raised money for a mission to build a school in a remote village in another part of the Himalayas. When I returned God was speaking to me in lots of different ways and I became troubled and extremely restless. A second team had gone out in April to dig the foundations for the school. In June I received a prayer newsletter with a picture of the whole second team, one person on the team stood out to me and I even told a colleague that I really liked the person but they were probably married anyway and forgot about it.

Fast forward back to November and I got a friend request on Christian Connection on the day I was questioning why I joined in the first place and was about to delete my whole profile. I looked at the picture and it literally glowed and I said “Okay Lord why now!?” I knew this was God but I got nervous and did nothing till the evening. Then I confirmed the request and sent a thank you.

I thought I had better read the persons profile properly so I did. I quickly realised and was 99% sure that this was the same guy whose photo I had seen 5 months previous!! So I emailed and asked if they worked for a certain Christian organisation and if they went to a little village in the Himalayas to dig foundations for a school. The person was pretty unnerved by this and asked me how I knew all these things about him. I explained that I had been on the first trek to raise the money for the second team (his team) to go out there. This Was God!!

Over the next few weeks we chatted every night till late and I experienced a joy I hadn’t had since I was a child. I agreed to meet sooner because he knew people from his trek that I knew. We met and it was perfect, he was just the same in person as online and it was effortless. Things progressed at a supernatural pace. He knew I was special on our first date and pretty much knew I was his wife in the first week. It took me a little longer to trust how I felt and God gave me confirmation using our birthdays. My birthday had been a painful time in my past and after a few weeks I asked God to confirm this was the person he had for me. That same night during conversation I found out we had the same birthday and God really spoke to me about that. That he would give me double blessing for my past sorrows and it would now be a time of joy.

We also prayed for our wedding date, God gave us the 4th August and our birthday is 5th August. So every year we will get to celebrate our wedding anniversary and then our birthday together!!………Thanks to God for this ministry called Christian Connection because it really is. I pray everyone who joins with the right heart and in line with God, will be blessed as we have.

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