Tim & Rae

Yep, I was extremely cautious about online dating. I hadn't done it before, I was 45 years old and was being a grumpy old git about the whole thing. It registered with Christian Connection because my friend was doing it and he didn't want to just do it alone. I would be a 'wing man' for my friend if you like. The first month on CC was, how shall we say, unfruitful. On the second month, however, I tried my best to engage with CC as best I could. I didn't expect to meet anyone to be honest. Then one day I got home after a bad day at work and started 'waving' at anyone who kind of took my eye. I saw Rae's picture and she looked familiar so I reasoned that I had previously waved at her and was just about to put my phone down and watch television. Then something told me to check the CC history to see if I had indeed waved. It was this split-second decision that changed my life. I scrolled through and realised that I hadn't waved at Rae, and then did so. She emailed me back pretty quickly with the words: 'Thanks for the wave, I like what I see and, by the way, your picture is upside down'. The rest, as we say, is history.

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