Pippa & Saul

I have met a gorgeous man through Christian Connection and he lives in Australia. I went to Australia this August to meet this man in the flesh and we got on very well indeed. We had a wonderful time together getting to know more about each other. He is going to come to the UK this October and things are very much moving in the direction of marriage. I feel ours is a lovely success story as we have mainly been "online" dating via email and skype accross the world and then we have met in the flesh in Oz and we got on very well, all thanks to Christian Connection giving us the opportunity to meet. God is our first and foremost and we are allowing God to lead us both with our next steps. The next stage is exciting as he is quitting his job to come to the UK for a few months while we plan the next stage of our lives "together" God willing! I am hoping and praying that this really will be a Christian Connection "accross the globe" success story for you (and us)!!

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