Richard & Ann

Thinking at age 64 I was never to find ‘true love’ I had prayed about it. Encouraged by my House Group Leaders to be active in looking I checked out the Christian dating sites and felt ‘led’ to Christian Connection.
In the first week I made contact with a lovely Lady who had been on site for 2 years waiting for the ‘right’ one and from first e-mail it sounded interesting which became daily followed by nightly phone calls (phone company was very happy) and met after a week and half for a 3 hour meal in an agreed location midway between us. Well the this became many meetings and from the second I knew I was experiencing feelings like never before. Was this the beginnings of love?
Well we had an amazing Christmas meeting up many times and this lady actually wanted to be with me and hold my hand. So currently we know we both want to share our lives together and last weekend I got down on bended knee to propose in a busy Restaurant and Thank you Lord Ann said yes. We are going to marry on 31st August. So there really is someone for everyone just don’t give up trying or settling for second best, the best is out there waiting just for you as Ann and I were. Here is to many happy years together at last.

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