Ian & Mary

Ian & Mary

Coming up to 50 years of age, I felt I was destined to be left on the shelf for the rest of my days. I joined Christian Connections, having previously tried a couple of other sites, but not really expecting much. How wrong I was! This past year has been absolutely amazing!

A few months went by after first registering, with a couple of dates, which were pleasant, but not right. Then a new face appeared who took my interest. And she was local! Within a couple of days of messaging through the site, Mary finally phoned me. We were on the phone an hour! We had so much in common!

The next day, it was another hour's phone call.
The day after, two one hour calls!
We had so much to talk about and share!
On the 4th day, we met up - for over 3 hours - and we were still talking and not drying up the conversation!

7 weeks later, we were engaged, and at the beginning of May, a year after we first started chatting, we got married!

We had spent 8 months in preparation for the marriage day itself. It was hard work, yet enjoyable. With the amount of time we had were able to source exactly what we wanted for the day, without being rushed or going for second best.

Many, many friends helped us, and participated in various ways both in the background and in the service itself. We are truly blessed, and thank God for them, but all that He has given to us in each other.

It has been an amazing week, post marriage!

So, for all you budding searchers. Don't give up the faith of finding someone special for you. It's never too late! And don't be too shy to make the first move.

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