Jenni & Peter

Jenni & Peter

Jenni joined Christian Connection in November with a three month membership, not really daring to expect too much after a lot of past disappointments.

She met three men but did not click with any of them and lost interest for a month or so. When she did go back on in January, with the encouragement of a friend to keep looking, she wrote to Peter, a new joiner, and when he replied realised that this one seemed different. Peter had only joined 2 days earlier, taking out a 6 month membership (because it would take God at least that long to find him someone!) We wrote to each other several times over the next few days, then Jenni suggested speaking on the 'phone, the first of many 2 hour calls. A week later we agreed to meet up to see whether we would get on in person - we did!

We are both in our late 40s, were living 180 miles apart, but felt passionate about one another, in every sense of the word. We both had a confidence about the future together, really feeling that this was from God, so in August we married - after only 7 months!

We want to encourage others that God does use this site to bring people together. Take the risk, be the first to write, be honest and open in your profile, let yourself be vulnerable, pray and trust God to work.

Jenni and Peter

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