Stu & Suzanne

Stu & Suzanne

January 2021

I had previously been onto Christian Connection about a year prior to meeting Stu and met someone here who I was in a relationship with. It didn’t work out and I thought online dating wasn’t for me. After a few months I couldn’t get Christian Connection out of my mind, so I prayed about going back on and was going to wait a few more months but for some reason (God) I decided to go on that evening instead.

As soon as I went onto Christian Connection, I clicked on the section that says ‘people closest to you’ and Stu was the first person at the top, (I had to google where he lived as I had never heard of it before haha), I liked his profile and how he came across as funny but also a man of God. I waved at him first which was very brave of me but I also thought what do I have to lose... and he instantly waved back and we got talking from there. Our first date felt like we had known each other for years, we didn’t want it to end. Within 8 months we were engaged and will be getting married this October. I’m so glad I went on when I did, God's perfect timing for the both of us.

Through all the hurt and pain I and Stu had previously been through, he has made something beautiful out of it.

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