Privacy Policy

Christian Connection ("We") take your privacy seriously. This Privacy Policy explains the steps We take to ensure information about you is kept secure and confidential.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully as once you use the Website We will assume you have read and accept this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of use.

You must not use the Website if you do not accept this Privacy Policy and/or the Terms and Conditions.

1. Data Protection

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office who regulates how We store and use information about you. To view our registration information, please visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website. If you feel that We are in any way not conforming with the provisions of our registration, please contact us.

In addition, you have rights under the Data Protection Act 1998. For an overview of your rights under this Act, please see the data protection section on the GOV.UK website.

2. The Information We Collect

2.1 We will only collect personal information about you given by you when you register with Christian Connection. We will always let you have a copy of all personal information We have about you should you request it.

2.2 When you register, we will ask you for your name, post code and email address. If, after the free trial, you decide to purchase a subscription we will ask you for your debit/credit card details or a cheque made payable to Christian Connection.

2.3 You may change or delete personal information about you at any time by logging into your account on the site.

2.4 We use a number of different cookies on our site. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information

None of the contact information above will be given to other members.

3. Matchmaking Service

3.1 None of the information in clause 2.2 will be given to other people via the Matchmaking service. We will assign you a username which you can use on the Website. Other members will only know your username and other information should you choose to tell them.

3.2 When you fill in your personal matching making profile, the information provided will be available to other users of this Website. This information will exclude anything that could allow you to be specifically identified or contacted outside the Website.

3.3 When completing your personal match making profile there are several questions and some of these are mandatory for you to be able to use the Website, the remainder are discretionary. Other users will not have your private email address, surname, address or other contact details. It is your responsibility and not ours to provide people with these details if you so choose. You can update them at any time.

3.4 People can visit parts of the site without being registered as a member. They will be able to see postings by members on the discussion boards, extracts from media articles, and testimonials from members. They will not be able to access the majority of the site and see full profiles.

4. Aggregate Statistical Information about our Users

We collect information about our users to help us improve and personalise the Website and any services provided to you through the Website. We may disclose aggregate but not individual statistics to potential advisors, for example number of users, typical ages, locations.

5. Passing on Information about you

5.1 Christian Connection discloses your personal information for the purposes of site administration, development and back-up to its contractors, agents, administrators, developers and programmers.

5.2 Some of parties listed above may be accessing this information internationally, in countries outside the European Economic Area. Some of these countries may offer differing levels of protection of personal information, not all of which may be as high as in the UK.

5.3 We will only pass on information about you for marketing purposes to reputable third parties with your prior consent. If you give your consent, third parties may then occasionally send email communications to you to provide information, offers and services that may be of interest to you. The more Christian Connection knows about you, the more value we can offer you by way of a personalised Website. We may store certain personal information and use this to offer you personalised services, information and offers through the Website. Once you have given consent you can of course ask us and for third parties to stop providing such services to you at any time.

5.4 In certain circumstances we may need to disclose information about you if you breach this privacy policy and/or the Terms and Conditions of this Website. We may also disclose or access your account if required to do so by law or any other Governmental body.

5.5 We are a member of the Online Dating Association (ODA). The ODA helps to ensure the safety, and protect the vital interests, of those who use dating sites in the UK. In helping to ensure the safety of users, if a user's actions or behaviour on Christian Connection cause us to become aware of or reasonably suspect that that the user may be guilty of, or may commit, a serious offence then we may (at our sole discretion) share information about such user (which may include sensitive personal data) and the serious offence with the ODA who may in turn share this information with other members of the ODA. Where we do share such user's information we will only disclose such information as is strictly necessary for the purpose of the ODA and its members reviewing the serious offence and whether or not it would be appropriate to block such users them from any sites. In certain circumstances we may disclose information about a user in relation to a serious offence to the police or users at risk where we believe it is in the vital interests of those users. In this section the term "serious offence" includes, but is not limited to: racist, sexist or discriminatory, physically or sexually threatening actions or comments; actually or attempting to defraud other users; actions such as stalking or harassment which could cause a user serious distress; and repeated offences which in isolation are not considered serious but collectively display a pattern of behaviour which may cause other users harm or serious distress.

6. How we use the personal information we collect about you

6.1 Contact information is used to communicate with you. This includes forwarding messages from other members, providing information about our events, products and service, responding to any questions or requests you may make, confirming receipt of communications from you, or if we need to contact you for any reason.

6.2 Profile information is posted on the Christian Connection website and is used to promote you to our other members. As such, it may be viewed by individuals who have become trial or full members.

6.3 If you send emails to other members they are sent to those members automatically. They are also stored on our own systems and are visible to us. They may be deleted after a certain period. Other personal information provided voluntarily by you is used to better understand our members and to help us improve and promote our services. We may disclose aggregate but not individual statistics to potential advisors, for example number of users, typical ages, locations.

6.4 Testimonials are posted on our website and included in emails to members to help promote our services. Christian Connection assumes that both partners mentioned in a testimonial are happy for the testimonial to be used in this way, but we will always notify you in advance, if we use your testimonials and if you request that we remove the testimonials we will do so.

6.5 Complaints are investigated as appropriate. The fact of the complaint may be recorded and details stored in case of future complaints against the same member.

6.6 If you cease to become a paying member we may retain the profile and personal contact details for security reasons, and to ensure the site is not used fraudulently. If you have ceased to be a member, and we still have your information, you can request copies or access, subject to an appropriate fee.

6.7 If a visitor or other member of the site copies or distributes information on your profile, they are in breach of copyright and acting illegally. If the media uses information from any part of the site without permission, they are in breach of copyright, but Christian Connection cannot be held responsible where this has occurred.

7. Christian Connection staff and contractors use of and access to information

7.1 Christian Connection employees and contractors may also be members of the site, and their employment may give them access to information not generally available to other members of Christian Connection or the general public.

  • They will not use personal contact information or other personal information held by Christian Connection for any purpose other than the performance of their jobs.
  • If in contact with another member, they shall disclose the fact that they are working for Christian Connection in one of the first two emails.

8. Security

Keeping information about you secure is very important to Christian Connection. We exercise great care in providing secure transmission of all your information from our computer servers. However no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be totally secure. As a result, whilst we strive to protect your personal information, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information which you send to us, and you do so at your own risk.

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties

Please refer to our FAQs for more information

If you have any questions relating to this Privacy Policy or how we use the personal information we have about you, please contact us.