Date Safe with Christian Connection

As a founding member of the Online Dating and Discovery Association, we are committed to providing a safe and secure dating environment for all our members.

This guide has been put together alongside the Date Safe Guide from the Online Dating and Discovery Association to help ensure your experience with online dating is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

1. Never send money to someone you met online

Never, ever give money to someone you've met on Christian Connection. Even if you feel that you've got to know them.

Any request for money at any point should ring an alarm bell; however sad, urgent, compelling or heart-wrenching the story. Scammers want one thing and one thing only – money.

Be cautious if the relationship progresses more quickly than you are used to. Sudden declarations of love are intended to play on your emotions in the hope that you will drop your guard.

Some scammers will look to gain your sympathy with emotional stories of ill relatives or financial difficulties or urgent job opportunities and travel needs. Look out!

If you are ever asked for money from another Christian Connection member, please report it to us immediately so we can protect others.

2. Get to know the person, not the profile

Take your time to get to know the person behind the profile.

When messaging online think whether you would be saying and sharing the same things if you were meeting the other person face-to-face.

Services give you the time and a level of anonymity. Use it to get to know people at a pace you feel comfortable with.

Be cautious about how much information you share at first and even over time. The person you message may be everything you ever wished for…but you have not met him or her yet.

We work hard to moderate profiles, however, it is always worth researching your online partner. Do a web search to see if there are any records or images of the person online.

3. Keep conversations on the site

Scammers want to take the conversation away from the safety of the dating service as quickly as possible.

Be wary of anyone who wants to chat away from the service too quickly.

We run fraud detection software on the Christian Connection platform so you can get to know people in a safe and controlled environment. Make the most of your mailbox and the added security it gives you.

Do not give out contact details to people just because they say their subscription is about to end.

4. Talk to friends or family about your dates

Be wary of anyone who asks you not to tell anyone about them.

Ask a trusted friend – if they advise you against the relationship listen to them.

5. Stay in control

You are online to find a friendship, relationship and social activity. That does not mean telling someone you have not yet met in person everything about yourself. Stay in control when it comes to how and when you share information and don't share personal details until you are ready.

Do not include contact information such as your email address, home address, where you work or your phone numbers in your profile. Think about what you share online about your family, work and other matters.

When it comes to pictures, as a general rule, only share images that you wouldn’t mind others seeing. Once you’ve shared it, you cannot take it back.