Dave & Gwyneth

Dave & Gwyneth

June 2023

Gwyneth and I started chatting on Christian Connection around Christmas 2019. Of course, it started with a wave and very quickly the conversation flowed naturally. We made plans to meet up for the first time in person, which was a bit tricky as I, Dave, lived in the south of England and Gwyneth lived in Central Scotland. Then lockdown came and our plans were put on hold till we finally met in September ‘20.

We just clicked straight away and actually, because of lockdown we’d already got to know each other well so once we did finally meet it was like we’d known each other for ages.

I loved her passion for our faith and she loved my sense of humour.

Fast forward to 2022 we got engaged then, in June 2023, we both proudly said “I will” in front of friends and family and the Lord in our local church. Many people have already commented it was the most joyful wedding they’d ever been to and we couldn’t be happier.

Thank you sincerely to Christian Connection, because without you we likely wouldn’t have met but we’re so happy and we thank the Lord that we did.

My advice is to keep praying, be patient and let nothing get in your way... if you truly love each other it will happen.

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