Dave & Lorraine

July 2023

Deacon Dave and I met on the site just before Christmas last year. Neither of us looking forward to the prospects of a lonely time of year for singles. Me 69 and he 66. Following hours of phone calls - we decided to meet up in January. He was widowed some years before, and having met a few people on Christian Connections before, had not found someone for the longterm relationship he longed for. I had left an emotionally abusive, loveless marriage of 50 years. Married very young at 17. Covid being the catalyst - thousands dying - I decided to 'be brave' and divorce my husband - go out into the world again. Hoped to find a spiritual person just like myself. Then 2 years later - decided to join your site. I connected with my lovely Deacon Dave. And now 7 months later - we are very much in love - I am moving area. He has asked me to join him in his Parish. He was the * only 'date' I ever had on the site. A very scary new thing for me to do after coming out of a 50 year marriage. I just knew that God had plans for me? I had said a lot of prayers before Christmas. And as we both now say - we are each others' best Christmas Gifts ever. Deeply in love - old yes - but making plans for a happy future together.
I now joke to my friends and family - Deacon Dave too, when I asked God to help me - take me out of my loneliness at Christmas, and let me find love at last with a like minded person - I never thought he would actually 'send me a worker'. Ha ha. So never think you will not find love. Ask and you shall be given? I would say to everyone just 'have faith'.
My first date proved to be successful. Dave had met a few people before yes. So whether it's a first date - or you have had a few unsuccessful ones previously - think positively.

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