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After being on CC for six years, I have met a wonderful woman on CC and we have got engaged. I am so blessed and the amazing thing is that she feels blessed too! We started exchanging emails in November two years ago. I live in Surrey and she lives near Edinburgh. I initially thought chatting to her was a bit of a waste of time as she lived so far away, but she told me it was not such a silly idea. I eventually met her in Edinburgh the following Easter.

Our first date did not go all that well. She had a cold and I wished I had not taken this Christian girl to a restaurant called the Voodoo Room! The next night we went to see 'Jesus Christ Super Star' and our rapport started to develop. As she dropped me off at the Travelodge, we prayed and I felt a sense of excitement as she prayed. I came to realise that not only was this woman physically very attractive and quite out of my league, she also had a deep, deep faith, and that attracted me even more.

Since that time I have made many, many train journeys from Kings Cross to Waverley Station, Edinburgh. We seemed to know that we would be together at quite an early stage and so I knew it was quite safe to buy her an engagement ring. I gave it to her on Christmas morning. She was delighted and so was I. I am about to complete the sale of my house and next week I am moving up and renting a room near her. Last week we hired a van and took my stuff 'up North' in a white van and shared the driving. I plan to stay in rented accommodation until we marry at the end of June.

Long distance relationships are not easy and we have found that frequent and lengthy visits, together with daily texts and phone calls have increased the intimacy between us and has helped us get to know each other.

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