James & Sarah

James & Sarah

Hi there!

I wanted to write to let you know that me and my boyfriend, who met via Christian Connection, got engaged in January and are getting married on 17th September this year.

When we first started talking James lived in East Grinstead and I lived in Norwich. We shared a number of messages through the website, and after a while James asked if I would like to meet him. He come up to Norwich (after researching nice places to go for lunch and booking a table which was very sweet) and our first date ended up lasting 5 hours! Our first date was on 31st January last year and James proposed on 31st January this year. During the year we were dating we were very lucky to have wonderful friends who were really supportive and helped us manage our long distance relationship by letting us stay at their houses and helping us make time to see each other. James is now in the process of moving to Norwich, as we plan our wedding, and I simply can't remember life before I knew him.

I have to say that a long distance relationship has actually worked really well for us. It has made us learn to communicate well, through phone calls, emails and Skype sessions and we have built an amazing foundation for our relationship. Don't get me wrong, I cannot wait until he moves to Norwich! However, don't be put off by distance. It takes commitment and dedication but it can become something amazing.

My bit of advice for anyone looking to meet someone on Christian Connection is to keep an open mind. James isn't the kind of person I thought I would end up with, and I never imagined being in a long distance relationship. But he has been the biggest surprise, and I truly believe that God brought us together. He is simply wonderful and I would never have realised if I hadn't kept an open mind. I'm really glad that I had an open mind and made the first 'wave' because James now means the world to me and I cannot imagine life without him.

Thank you, Christian Connection, for helping us to meet, we can't wait to start our lives together.

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