Kevin & Maria

I met my soul mate through Christian Connection! In November 2013 we started our journey together, carefully sending messages back and forth, this progressed to e-mails and phone calls and finally we met on 8 December. There were so many coincidences that we knew from the beginning this was a God-thing, He had brought us together and we thanked Him every day since. We were so happy together, even though we faced a mountain of trials and tribulations, this made us grow closer, we were very much in love. Sadly, Kevin passed away on 1st October 2016, after being together for almost 3 wonderful years. Yes I am heartbroken, no I don't regret a single moment. Thank you Christian Connection for bringing us together. It's better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.
Tip: Ladies, don't be disheartened if nobody reaches out to you, be bold and take action yourself. That's how I met my man.

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