Katherine & Richard

Katherine says: I joined CC in October 2013 and met some nice people but nothing really clicked. I cancelled my subscription in November 2015 as I thought it just wasn't for me but some friends who'd met their husbands on CC encouraged me to rejoin in January 2016 on the new year offer! In March 2016 I 'waved' at Richard who was stepping back into the dating scene after having been widowed. We met a week after that first wave and right from the beginning we realised that this was something special. God really worked in us and we got engaged at Christmas and married exactly a year after our first date in April 2017! CC was definitely the vehicle that God used to bring us together, sometimes it's just a matter of the right time and being open to God using whatever means He wants to.

Richard says: after being widowed in July 2015, I joined CC late March 2016 following an intense season of grieving. Within less than a fortnight I received a wave from Portsmouth. From Katherine's profile it was clear we shared the same values and many similar interests and passions; after meeting we quickly fell into step and found ourselves drawn together. She was the first and last person I met , so a wonderful result and we are now loving married life together. We often talk about my late wife, there will always be feelings of sadness and loss but we know she is in a great place, Jesus is looking after her and he's looked after me too in an amazing way.

Richard & Katherine

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