Benjamin & Monica

Thank you for allowing me to share my happiness with you. I joined the site reluctantly. I wasn't sure if this was something that would bring about what I was looking for. I was honest about me. I think that was the most important thing to have someone to fall in love with a real person. What caught the attention of my now husband is when I described myself as being "laidback" and a no nonsense person but loving and caring. What I did not want to do is say I like long walks and haven't taken a long walk or like the movies and have not been to a theater since waiting to exhale. So what I said was I like watching movies at home, traveling, I prefer to cook my own meals oppose to eating out. Just simply being me. It caught me by surprise that someone else shared the same or very similar things. We connected instantly. I mean the connection was just so amazing. We talked on the phone, texted and we actually studied the bible together. We have so many things in common. Honesty was our true connection. We both fell in love and we were both honest about what we wanted. After a year of talk, texting and video chats we went on our first date and been with each other ever since. It was not easy initially living so far apart but we had a plan. We got married in August with 140 guests in attendance and we moved to California together.

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