Stephanie & Tony

We got married on August 10th - a wonderful day. God bless you all at Christian Connection - we'll never forget you.

Tony and I first emailed in early December... and very very soon progressed to telephone conversations. We found ourselves having very long two or three hour conversations - so much to swap and share... then we met up... and became friends ever so slowly. I didn't think of him as at all 'my type', and had no romantic interest in him - but found myself valuing him more and more as a friend and confidante as time went on.

I was oblivious to his attentions and was certain we were both just being friendly and increasing our social circles. To be really honest, I was just enjoying his company and thinking he was practising his social skills, as I was - thinking maybe that we'd eventually perhaps introduce each other to one of our friends who might be Miss or Mr Right for each other.

Then one evening over dinner, I realised that I was looking at God's choice for me - it was like the road to Emmaus!!

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