Judith & Mark

‘Three Little Maids from Bromham are we…’ (well, not exactly ‘maids’, but read on!)

It starts in a dentist’s waiting room. There I am, idly flicking through a Christian mag. when all of a sudden my eyes light on the CC ad. I’ve heard about the website before, but dismissed it as something for ‘sad’ people. However, it does look interesting… But no, I’m definitely not up for it. And anyway, I’m being summoned to have my broken tooth attended to.

Two weeks later… and I find myself in the same waiting room – same troublesome tooth – same Christian mag… same ad! But no, it’s for sad, lonely people and I don’t fall into that category. But… it looks like fun. And the waiting room is empty… So, I’ll just tear the page out quickly…

I’m a fast worker and meet the ‘man for me’ on day one. He doesn’t know this of course, (!) so I have to go through the charade of signing as a fully paid up member so as not to put him off.

It’s a fine romance and although it takes just over two and a half years, we finally marry. Weeks of unbroken sunshine lead up to the wedding day, only to break spectacularly moments before I leave home in my new Monsoon (HA!) outfit. I am the first bride ever to turn up sellotaped into a bin liner. (true!). Just time to rip it of before walking down the aisle to Handel’s ‘Water Music’ (HA! again…)

But this is not the most amazing part of the story. During our long courtship, news of the ‘CC’ story leaks out amongst the single females at my church. Lesley logs on and before I know it has pipped us to the post and announced her April wedding! Not far behind, we announce ours and set a July date. Then Jac jumps into the arena and plumps for January!! So, by the time you read this, our village church will have hosted THREE CC weddings within 10 months. Could this be a record?

We are all very happy – not to mention our other halves, Peter, Mark and Ian! So thank you, CC, for making all this possible. And thank you to our wonderful God who is able to do ‘immeasurably more than we can ask or

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