Charlie  & Ruth

Charlie & Ruth

November 2023

Both of us had spent many years looking for the right person, often feeling in tough times that it would never happen. Time and again either of us would be at someone else’s wedding and think: “When will it be my turn?”

Some people say the right person will come along just when you don’t expect it, as if nobody has to lift a finger. It’s not true and we thank God for sites like Christian Connection that provide an opportunity to do something proactive.

Both of us had been on the site for years before we met in June 2022. It wasn’t a case of love at first sight, but we soon realised we were clicking (and others could see this too), and after seeing each other for a month we knew this was serious and agreed we were an item.

Things took a step further forward later that year when I (Charlie) had to move out of my flat. At the time we lived over 20 miles apart, so when Ruth suggested I move near to her it was clear how serious she was!

We grew closer and closer and by early 2023 it was clear where we were going. We bought an engagement ring but had to wait a few weeks before formally getting engaged while we waited for it to be made. It was hard keeping it secret from all but a very few.

Our wedding day in October was magical - apart from the Lancashire weather - and we had a wonderful honeymoon in Scotland afterward.
Both of us had waited a long, long time for this day and both of us had felt we had little hope at times, not least in early 2022 before we met!

Ironically, we had seen each other’s profiles on Christian Connection before, but we had never made contact. Perhaps it was a matter of timing, perhaps we were too fixed in our ideas of what the ‘ideal’ marital partner would be like. That may be a lesson; be open to the possibility that the best person for you to marry is somewhat different to what you imagine them to be.

Using Christian Connection hasn’t been a ‘quick fix’ for either of us. It has involved learning about ourselves and others, with mishaps and misadventures along the way. Most of these were down to wrong matches but occasionally - in both our cases - we were unfortunate enough to meet people who came on this site whose intentions were less than honourable or honest.

However, persistence paid off. What we have ultimately found in each other is a reward for not giving up. So, if you too are one of those people who finds yourself asking at a wedding when your time will come, remember that was us once, so be encouraged and keep going!

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