Daniel & Tina

Daniel & Tina

May 2022

I am delighted to say I am engaged to Daniel who I met on CC in September 2020 but saw in the flesh in October. We got engaged in May last year. We were meant to marry in April 2022 but because of health reasons we had to postpone.

We started off as friends and that was fine with me.

Dan, as he likes to be called, supported me through a sudden trauma in my life.
In February 2021 he waited for me in the hospital while I was seeing the neurologist so we could have a coffee together afterwards. (It was still lockdown). As we stood at reception in the centre of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh I announced my just received a diagnosis.
I said, "I have Multiple Sclerosis". Dan wrapped his arms around me and we hugged and I cried. Then I sat down and he had to kneel beside me, as most of the seats had been removed for the pandemic, then whacked me with another whammer!

He looked in my eyes and said "Do you want to be my girlfriend?"
I was shocked again yet delighted at the proposal. I answered " You do realise I could end up in a wheelchair?"
"So?" Dan answered. "I love you".

Dan has supported and cared for me in one of the hardest battles of my life. He is so humble and caring. A gentleman in every way. So we hope to marry soon but only God knows when.

We did however have a blessing on our "Wedding Day" which was a perfect day.

Thank you all for your service at CC in being part of my love story.

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