Amy & Ian

Amy & Ian

November 2022

We often laugh about the brief ‘list’ of characteristics we looked for in a partner before meeting each other; a shared love of all things pizza, a need to spend Friday nights snuggled under blankets watching trashy TV, and a hope that the other would just be kind. Kindness was important to both of us.

What we hadn’t banked on, would be the wealth of love, grace, and goodness that God would want to lavish on us when he brought us together on Christian Connection.

There is a song called, "Goodness of God" that perfectly describes the journey that Ian and I have been on the past few years. The song speaks of the way in which God’s mercy never fails us, how He holds us in His hands, and about His never-ending, unceasing goodness. In both our separate journeys up until the point where we met, and in the three years since, it has been this goodness which sits centrally to our story. It is this goodness that meant that we no longer had to compromise on which bits of love we would have access to – you want kindness AND laughter? You got it! You want honesty AND gentleness? No problem! How about someone who dances their way through the F1 theme tune with you AND will sit quietly when you just need to be heard? Here you are!

Without asking for it, God has provided a partner who is perfectly designed for me. Ian is the joy-filled, life-affirming man that God knew my heart needed, and I am the loving, passionate, red-headed woman that God knew would perfectly fit him. From the first message online to our recent engagement, God has only asked one thing of us...that we would continue to say ‘yes’ to the goodness that He has for us.

I would encourage anyone considering online dating to remember one thing – in saying ‘yes’ to taking this step, you are saying ‘yes’ to God’s continued goodness in your life. Wherever this path may take you, our hope would be that you would know His limitless love, grace, and hope for your future and that you too would find your love, as we have found ours.

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