Elicia & James

Elicia & James

November 2022

In May 2022 we met on Christian connection. I (Elicia) had joined Christian Connection only a couple of weeks prior to matching with James and I immediately liked what I saw.

After a couple of long messages we decided to meet up. I was on a church retreat up in the Sunshine Coast and he had said previously “I’m coming down to Brisbane for a ‘business trip’ let’s catch up”. I innocently responded with the fact I was coming up and so we will miss each other, maybe the next weekend.

His plans magically changed and he no longer needed to come down to Brisbane for a ‘business trip’ and asked me if I would like to grab lunch. Found out months later, there never was any ‘business meeting’… LOL

We talked and talked and talked, realised 2 hours had passed since we sat down with our menus. This man eats every two hours so the fact he didn’t order any food for that time says something. We got on like a house on fire!

We have been together for 7 months now and are talking about engagement rings. Thanks to your service we have found our soulmate, best friend and forever spouses.

It has been a struggle for both of us, dating as Christians. I was praying for someone to walk through the church doors and there just be fireworks and the stars align but in 2022… this did not happen and I felt the inner burn of wanting to find my husband. James had been on this site for a while and had a couple of dates, however in his heart knew there was something bigger and more epic out there. If it wasn’t for Christian Connection we wouldn’t have found each other and we just thank you so much for allowing us to do so through this platform.

As Christians there are very mixed opinions of dating sites, some Christians will say it’s not Gods timing etc. but I have to disagree, I believe that God can use ANYTHING to get our attention and guide us on the right path.

We just want to thank you so much again and encourage others to stay patient and keep hopes alive.

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