Graham & Nina

Graham & Nina

March 2023

I had pretty much given up on meeting someone, but covid isolation and a random conversation about singleness at a friend's party in October 2021 prompted me to give online dating another go. I decided that I was going to go on as many dates possible and put the same effort into finding a spouse as I would to find a new job.

Thankfully I only went on one date before I met Graham in Oct 2021, and the rest is history. We didn't live very close to each other and spent the next year travelling up and down to each other every weekend. After 8 exciting and tiring months we got engaged on the top of a mountain in the Lake District, and in Nov 2022 we walked down the aisle. It was an answer to many years of prayer, and an incredibly joyful day! I am loving being married and am looking forward to many happy years ahead.

One tip for dating would be to stick to the not negotiables (e.g. being on the same page faith-wise), but be open-minded with the rest - we both feel that God gave us a partner that ticks more boxes than we knew existed (and we are both picky)!

A second would be to meet as soon as possible and go on a few dates before dismissing the other person - chatting online can only take you so far, and you don't get a good enough understanding of someone after one date.

Thank you Christian Connection for providing a platform to meet Christian partners outside one's own circle of friends. This is certainly not the only success story!

(Photo: Mavric Photography)

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