John & Larisa

John & Larisa

March 2023

After 3 years from meeting on CC, we are now married with a 6 month old baby!! It all happened for us so quick especially that we both were the type of person that will only take the plunge if we were completely convinced.

We want to thank God first of all, for making this happen; and definitely that wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the CC application.

We are likeminded people who have Jesus as a pillar, and that common denominator made it easier for both of us to explore the other sides of the relationship.

We were both trying to find ‘The’ partner on other dating applications, but we always felt as if we don’t match with the people we are meeting, or as if we are putting too much effort to make things happen.

In our relationship everything is coming easy, and we both feel so open to each other.

My number 1 tip for you on this platform: be who you are & express that.

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