Hannah & Robin

Hannah & Robin

Our story began in January 2014 when a Christian Connection advertisement caught Hannah's attention on a train as she was passing through London. The same day, Hannah thought she'd give it a go, and little did either of us apprehend we were about to fall deeply in love. I had registered a little while ago and to be completely honest; started to lose interest in pursuing online dating but then, just in the nick of time I received a wave from Hannah and the rest is history. After 5 days of consistent text messaging, we decided we could wait no longer, and Hannah did the honourable thing of making her way to me in Bristol, which in retrospect, I probably should have. We both fell for each other, the conversation flowed, and we both discussed that we were both what we had been looking for our whole lives.

A little later down the line and we've almost been together 7 months. We have experienced so much together in such a short space of time that it goes without saying we feel as if we have been together our whole lives. After 1 month of being together, we decided to celebrate Robin's birthday by travelling to Barcelona, where we had the most amazing time, creating such wonderful memories. It became pretty clear to both of us that we wanted to get married and spend the rest of our lives together; and we weren't shy of sharing these feelings with each other. On our 3 month anniversary Robin proposed to me, and shortly moved in to my Mum and Dad's house. Decorating his bedroom will be the first of many we will probably decorate together!

We will be getting married 30/05/15 and couldn't be happier. We would like to send our thanks to Christian Connection for providing us the platform to find each other. We would recommend Christian Connection to anyone, it is head and shoulders greater than any other dating website as it is not only user friendly but genuine and reading through other success stories, it's quite clear it provides a great scope for couples to find their life partners.

Robin & Hannah x

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