Brenda & Jeff

Just a little encouragement for those of you who may think this site doesn't work.
My name is Brenda I have a 7yr old son with Down syndrome and a 4yr old son also. I was married to a Muslim Turkish man who left for brighter horizons in his native land after 8 yrs.

I had never been on websites before and was always pretty sceptical, but I gave CC a go. That's when I met Jeff, a pretty-faced, honest eyes picture came up, staring right back at me. I quickly read his profile until it came to the part were it said "I'm disabled with cerebral palsy", "oh no " I thought, "just scroll on Brenda"... But I couldn't get his face out of my I waved!! After 3 months of flirting and sharing thoughts, we agreed to meet.

It took some time to get over my vanity and realise how much more able he was than me! My children met and loved him immediately!! He had a special affinity with my eldest son and a pocket of magic for my youngest son who clung to him. At 42 ,children had passed him by he thought, so to have a ready made family was all he'd ever prayed for, and here we were!! All broken pieces needing the glue to put us all together. That glue was Jeff!! So we got engaged this month and in spring we get married!!

So people, anybody, everybody, JESUS our king has a plan and purpose for our lives, it may not always be your plan, but if you trust him and allow HIM to do the choosing, like me, you might just get the one!!

Thank you Christian Connection for providing the opportunity to meet like-minded Christians and a place where God dwells and appoints a mate.

Keep your hearts open to His wisdom and guidance and know His desire is for you to have the very best!! God bless everyone and hope my story encourages you :)

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