Robert & Rosanne

Robert & Rosanne

September 2023

When I became suddenly single I knew that I couldn’t live alone and decided to go on a dating app. Although I am a Christian I didn’t think of looking for a Christian specific app, so went with one of the larger ones. I met several people for a drink, but whilst some of the people were nice, there was something missing and I never met them again.

I was talking to a work colleague about how difficult it was to find someone genuine that I felt comfortable with and they suggested that, as a Christian, I should try a Christian website. Thunderbolt moment! What a brilliant idea!

I searched and found Christian Connection and pretty soon was amazed to be in conversations with a couple of people who I had so much in common with and there was no pressure to meet up, we just chatted by text.

Then one day this beautiful lady waved at me. I was a bit unsure as to what to do as she lived over 100 miles from me, but everything about her profile, her story just hit me like an express train and with some encouragement from another friend I waved back and we started messaging.

We got on really well and we then started talking by phone and we got on so well. We both had so much in common starting with the obvious Christian values to our lives and likes and what we had in common.

We arranged a meeting and spent the afternoon together just chatting and laughing and enjoying each other's company. When we had to leave it was like only 10 minutes had passed. I asked about meeting again and she replied yes immediately. We had both enjoyed ourselves so much and from the moment we met something clicked.

We arranged some more meetings and our relationship just grew and grew and blossomed into something amazing. Out stories were different, but similar. I met her family and she met mine. Our respective families took an instant like to each other.

Despite both being older - both just over 50 - we both knew that we wanted to commit our lives to each other and so we got engaged a year after our first meeting and were married a year later in 2021. Our combined 7 children live with us and we can both say that we haven’t been happier than we are now. Our love for each other and the Lord who has so graciously given us so much in our lives grows everyday!

We both continually thank and praise God for bringing us together as the timing was so amazing. My wife had been on Christian Connection before with some mixed results and was giving it one more go before totally giving up when she came across my profile and waved at me. I had only been on the site for 2 to 3 weeks after being bereaved, so it could only have been by His hands that we were brought together both at the same moment when the relationship would work for us.

I often read on your website about 'God's Perfect Timing', but with our story this is exactly what happened. We were both in the same state of seeking a new permanent relationship at the same time. It was no coincidence us meeting on your website, it can only have been divine providence!

Thank you Christian Connection, but thank you our Lord and Father who has looked after us and bestowed the gift of each other upon us and the love that we share.

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