Frances & Steve

Each of us had met a few people online before but we had no idea our next meeting would lead to finding our soul-mate and a marriage like no other. Our first date consisted of Steve turning up at the wrong pub, making a dash down the road and a few embarrassed laughs…turned out to be a great way to break the ice! Within 6 months Steve had recruited Frances’ younger nephew to help with a tear jerker of a proposal. Past painful relationships and illness have focused us on making strong, stable foundations so marriage preparation was a must and communication is the keystone. We had an understated wedding surrounded by wonderful friends and family; a couple of highlights included a bike escort to the reception and a rhumba Steve and Frances learnt danced to “What Are Words” by Chris Medina. Our paths (biker geek and craft loving musician) would never have crossed but thanks to God and Christian Connection we’ve combined our lives and created something unique!

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