Ruth & Matt

Ruth & Matt

Spurred on by my friends' encouragement I rejoined Christian Connection, deciding to give one last shot at finding Mr Right.

In September, after receiving a wave, I decided to say hi to Matt. What followed was a surprise, we hit it off immediately and emailed several times a day, sharing our faith and other aspects of everyday life. We were open and honest with each other, and quickly realised that we both wished to meet in person.

A month later we met. I was surprised that Matt was willing to travel, and book into a hotel near where I lived so that we could spend a day together. What started as a lunch date, became an all day development.

After that we travelled each week to see each other, and quickly realised that we were falling for each other.

In June we spent the weekend in London with Matt's parents, and he suggested a drive out, just the two of us on our return. When he went down on one knee by the canal in Stourport, I cried like a baby, and just about managed to stumble out the words "Of course I will".

We married in a small ceremony in the church in which I grew up in Lisburn, NI on 30th May this year and I couldn't have wished for a more perfect day.

Replying to a wave was the best decision I ever made, it led to finding the man of my dreams, my soulmate.

I would really encourage people to use this site. Step out of the comfort zone and wave at someone you like the look of, or better still reply to someone who waves at you, you never know, it could be the beginning of your happily ever after just as it has been for my husband and me.

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