Karen & Andrew

Andrew and I met through Christian Connection late January/ early February 2014. We got on well right from the start and had a very long distance relationship (Peterborough and Dundee) for about 2 years and East Coast/ Virgin train made a lot of money out of us but it has been worth every penny for both of us!
Then around September/ October 2015 we decided it was time to move our blossoming relationship to the next level. Thus, it was time for me to relocate to Scotland as Andrew job as Professor and hospital consultant meant he was unable to move as easily as me. I started working as Primary Care Pharmacist in January 2016, a job which I thoroughly enjoy.
We got engaged in March 2016 and got married on the 1st October 2016. We had a wonderful marriage ceremony at St Paul's Cathedral Dundee followed by a reception at Rufflet's Country House in St Andrews. The weather was glorious for the time of the year and everyone had a wonderful day. I then went on a surprise home to Andalucia. I was very impressed with my husbands choice.
We are both immensely grateful to Christian Connection for bring us together.

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