Robert & Joy

Robert & Joy

December 2017

Joy and I met through Christian Connection in April 2016. I didn't pluck up the courage to really get to know her til the August, but after a few days of messaging we decided to meet up in person, at her church.

It proved to be a great setting to get to know her over the following months, amongst her spiritual family. Although I needed to literally smarten myself up to win her hand, it was well worth attempting to "punch above my weight"! It was great to get the blessing of her family early on, as I quickly, and she soon after, realised that each other are the "one" for us.

Love can't be rushed, but too often love is delayed, and we have no regrets getting married pretty soon after getting to know each other, last Tuesday, December 5th. Thank you Christian Connection for helping us to get together, and for any singles out there looking for a partner, don't rule yourself out when God might be preparing you for someone!

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