Kelly & John

I joined Christian Connection in September 2013 as a recommendation from a friend at church, signed up for a subscription and away I went. 6 Months down the line I had no joy. One day I came home from work and sat with my mum and said that I was fed up. A few hours of wallowing in self pity later I noticed that there was a suggested connection. I thought ok lets have a look. Liked what I saw and sent a wave. Mum said "Oooh he's nice, where is he from?" To which I replied Colwyn Bay. "Colwyn Bay, how are you supposed to get to Colwyn Bay?" Replied my mum. So I said well if God wants me to go there then I shall find a way. John then sent me a wave later that night and we struck up a conversation. We found we had lots of things in common and after a while we exchanged numbers and arranged a date. It was definitely love at first sight. 3 dates later, which included going to Alton Towers together, we decided we should become a couple. This all spanned from our first date in April 2014 after chatting sometime late march. At 12:40am on new years day, John got down on one knee and proposed, to which I cried and said yes. I was the happiest woman alive. We then got married on 23rd July 2016. If I could give you all one tip it would be this. Never lose hope. There is someone out there for all of us and God has got it in hand. His delays are not denials. Let him be the matchmaker and you will find your knight in shining armour just like I did. Thanks Christian Connection too as it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't have joined.

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