Betsy & Daren

Betsy & Daren

August 2018

I've never dated before, so prayerfully asked God's wisdom and His protection when I registered myself on CC and lo and behold Daren waved at me on Dec 24 2015.

We had some good chats. And I decided we could meet up in January 2016 . Daren liked me and I liked him too. But I wasn't sure. So I left it there. We kept in contact thru texts and emails and shared God's faithfulness and His blessings and encouraged each other spiritually. We didn't meet again until the following year in Jan 2017.

In Daren's heart he felt there was something about me that he would like to take it further. But Daren being such a gentleman never pushed his thoughts but prayed in his quietness. At many moments I felt God kept bringing Daren back in my life thru his texts. This time when Daren and I met again, we prayerfully put our thoughts and desires and our meet up to God. I could see that Daren is a lovely gentle God fearing person who loved the Lord so much. And that's the kind of man I wanted. In August 2017 he proposed to me to be his wife and in 22 Dec 2017 we got married. We're so thankful to God for bringing us together. I feel even more so spiritually blessed as we read bible and pray together. I feel I've become disciplined in life with our scripture reading.

My tip would be to put aside what you want and ask what God wants. And lay all the good looks and qualities and spiritual life in front and weigh out which outweighs more. For me the spiritual life was more important and that outweighed everything else. And Praying with complete submission to the Lord and seeking his will by reading the bible was important.

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