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It was a normal conversation with my pastor until he asked about how I felt about not being married. Fine; my usual reply. He pressed further. I wasn't sure how to reply - I was fine, happy, enjoying life and didn't feel any lack in my life. But his question stayed with me and I began to dread what is may mean! Truth be told, I knew that joining CC was a good avenue for meeting people but I really didn't want to. I was reluctant to 'market' myself and wait for suitors! But God used that pause for thought created by my pastor and told me to sign up to CC for 18 months.

Not an easy year and a half - lots of disappointment, a handful of odd dates, lots of rejection. But then a message came up from a man who was really good on paper, I mean really good! He lived locally, had a lot of similar interests and experience and my heart fluttered. He quickly asked me out for a drink - something I was later to learn would have been terrifying for him if not for the relative ease of using CC. It was one week before the end of my 18 months!

I am not necessarily the kind of woman he would have gone for, he is not necessarily the kind of man I have previously liked... but with a lot of encouragement and peace from God, fun times, exploring life together and conversation we have learnt how to make the most of one another and last weekend we got engaged. I am so ridiculously happy! He is a brilliant man, I love him so much and I am so grateful to God for challenging me out of my comfort zone.

The thing I would say is that trying to meet different kinds of people can be a real plus - it's like going to TK Maxx and pulling out all sorts of clothes you wouldn't normally try, and then finding the best ever dress. If you lock down your 'type' you may miss out on meeting a wonderful person who is different from what you expect, but will bring out the best in you in a whole new way. Give it a go!

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