Nicky and Wayne!!

We were just an 'engagement' success story, but we are now married!! It was a beautiful day, everything we could have wished for, and we owe all our success at finding each other to Christian Connection (and of course God).

It was strange because both Wayne and I joined up at the same time, without knowing it, and both renewed our free membership because we 'knew' we liked each other. It took us 6mths to build up the courage to meet, but by then we already knew we were right for each other. We have now been together for over 2 years and it is still amazing!!! We are also expecting a new arrival in July that will make our happiness complete!!!

Good luck to everyone else out there searching for someone. You may not meet the 'right one' here, but you'll still make good friends!! I was really lucky and am so glad that I looked!

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