Ed & Naomi

Following our wonderful wedding in May (also featured on this site!), Naomi and I had one more burning 'earthly' desire which we had both wanted for years - to become parents.

After 10 months of marriage, Tim, one of the Pastors at our new church whom we had yet to meet, came over to us during an evening service and asked if he could pray for us. A few days later we did a test and Naomi was 4 weeks pregnant :)

I have attached a picture of our darling little boy Isaac, who arrived on 29th November last year (now 6 months old). He certainly lives up to his name as he is a cheerful little lad.

God has blessed us so richly and continues to do so every day. Thank you to all at CC also, and long may you continue to unite people. Ed, Naomi & Isaac.

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