Elizabeth & Andrew

We have just reached the end of a very happy first year of marriage. Thank you so much Christian Connection!
I had been on the site on and off for 7 years when finally in October I spotted Andrew who’d just become a member. I e-mailed him to find out he had been about to e-mail me! We first met up 2 weeks later and started going out in the January. Things were going very well so, despite my initial adamance that “we weren’t going to discuss anything for a year”, we got engaged in the July. We had a really lovely wedding in Aberdeen 9 months later and in the last year we have had loads of laughs and a really happy time.
We have been richly blessed by God indeed in many ways and are very right for each other. We lived at opposite sides of Scotland so don’t know how we would have met other than through something like Christian Connection. The site is very well organised, and we are very grateful for it.

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