Paul and I met on cc December and have never looked back since! It's amazing how God brings two people together.

After us both having difficult times finding the right partner we both prayerfully joined cc. Paul made contact first and after much prayer and consideration I replied. This began a period of great excitement as we began to find out more about each other.

After spending some time communicating via email we then chatted on the phone, before meeting on Jan 1st. We immediately hit it off and loved being in each other's company. The next few months were a blessing as God spoke to us both, and drew us closer to each other (even though we lived in different cities) and also to himself. We got engaged after just 4 months as it was apparent, not just to ourselves but to our families and close friends, that God had brought us together and marriage was the right thing for us.

We got married on 21st April. Throughout the past 20 months we have been thankful to God for what he has done and excited as we are seeing God work and direct our lives for his greater glory. We are also thankful to cc for the part they played in being a 'meeting place' for God to bring us together.

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